By today, Travian is localized in Indonesian language: www.travian.co.id. Travian is one of the popular browser based game, developed by Germany team. This is a rare occasion, maybe the only one after the popular TheCrims.

The similarity between Travian and TheCrims is both of them are aggressively translating their game into local languages. The good news is, Indonesian gamers are important for them. Looking to Alexa, it’s surprising to see how Indonesian gamers are engaged with browser-based game, however niche the game is. Some of them are among the top 5, which seems it’s all about popularity, just like TheCrims. Once it got the right buzz, there will be some hundreds to thousands of gamers who would love to try and play. This community is one example of how we pay attention on this kind of game: Kaskus.

Below is some fun facts about browser based games, which Indonesian are among the top players, according to Alexa:


Some popular games out there exclude Indonesian from their top players: Hattrick, Popomundo, Vile City, and Imperia Online. Flash based games seems also less popular, like Neopets and Adventure Quest.

Any other information regarding browser-based game and Indonesian gamers are welcome.